15 June 2024

Young Salisbury band change their brand in hope of breaking out from the local music scene

Despite success in their home city, the young band felt they needed a “change” in order to branch out from Salisbury.

In the summer, Inview (previously known as Echoes) took home a total of three music awards, including Best Band (2020), from the Salisbury music awards.

Since becoming Inview, the band have played in new venues outside of Salisbury, including Southampton and Bristol and are keen to keep doing so.

21-year-old drummer Tom Armstrong told Love Salisbury, “With the rebrand we want to get more acknowledgement. Getting known in other places.

“We had a gig the other week in Southampton at The 1865 which was just amazing. It was a very short notice gig but it was quite a good turnout, but it was nice to get a break into Southampton.

“With Echoes we didn’t really get anywhere apart from Salisbury, and we were desperately trying to get out.

“It’s been great having Lee our bassist because he has so many contacts, which has helped us get quite a few gigs in other places. And when we release new music, hopefully we can get a tour in more places, like we did in Bristol with Our Nameless Boy.”

Band members, Jordan Hicks and Tom Armstrong started the band around three years ago before the first lockdown.

Guitarist Jordan told Love Salisbury, “I feel like we were robbed a little bit because it wasn’t how we wanted to start off.

“So, I think rebranding and starting again now has been a lot better. We’ve just recorded our single that we’re going to release soon. We’re just so much happier with it- the quality and everything. And we’ve been able to take our time more with this one.”

The young drummer added, “There were a couple of other bands with the name ‘Echoes’ which we just hated, especially since they were getting more recognition on it.

“But the new start has been good. We’ve had some really good feedback about what’s new and about what’s coming. It was needed, I think. So we’re now quite happy with the changes.”

While Echoes fulfilled a more “stripped back and rocky style” both Tom and Jordan agreed that “Inview is a bit more on the pop side.

 “We’re using more production in our songs as well. I think echoes was probably more guitar, bass, drums and singing whereas now we’re bringing in a lot more elements like synth and keys which we’re really happy with,” explained Jordan

However, coming up with the name wasn’t easy, their guitarist labelling it as, “the most stressful thing about being in a band.”

In the end, it was lead vocalist Natalie who came up with the name Inview, which had the quartet in agreement.

Tom and Jordan looked back at the band’s beginning, before they found their bassist Lee and singer Natalie. 23-year-old Jordan said, “It was basically just me and Tom, in my Dad’s spare room banging out tunes.”

“And the neighbours hating us…” Tom continued.

(From left to right) Jordan (23), Natalie (21), Tom (21) and Lee (25).

The artists told Love Salisbury “It’s very difficult for young bands to get supported.”

Jordan explained, “If Salisbury could get bigger bands in and let the smaller Salisbury bands support, that would help.

“Especially with the new Chapel venue- which I think is sick- could be like a new O2 academy where young artists could play big gigs on a big stage.”

While the band are finishing up a busy period of gigs to focus on the release of their new single, fans should not be disappointed.

Although drummer Tom joked, “I think our top fans are our mums, so they know what’s going on.”

The pair advised fans to, “Stay tuned to social media, we’ve got some really cool things coming. And there may be a music video coming for the next single and we’re really excited to get that done.

“It’s going to be a busy few months but I think everyone should be on the lookout for some little hints and some behind the scenes that are coming for the next single.”

Those wishing to support the band can follow them @inviewbanduk on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or visit their website here.

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Adele Bouchard
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Written by Adele Bouchard