22 June 2024

Salisbury Radio Talent Search

Have you ever been told you have a voice for the radio?

Salisbury Radio is looking for new talent to work with us and potentially appear on our station on DAB across Salisbury and the surrounding area.

No experience is necessary, but we do have a few requirements:

  • A great-sounding voice
  • A love of Salisbury and its surrounding area
  • Passionate about local topics
  • The ability to tell a story

We want to hear from you if you think you fit the bill!

Please complete the form on the link below and include a 60-second recording of yourself – this doesn’t have to be professionally recorded; on your phone would be fine.

Just give us 60 seconds to tell us why you LOVE Salisbury, South Wiltshire and West Hampshire.

Terms & Information:

Salisbury Radio will not share your private information or audio with any third parties. The training and development is provided by Salisbury Radio free of charge. Being selected for training and development may not lead to paid work on Salisbury Radio, but we will make sure that it is fun and informative. We may have some voluntary positions available.