20 July 2024


Salisbury Radio is the local radio station for south Wiltshire and west Hampshire. Launched online in September 2020, the service exists to provide information that people who live, work and play around the city can really use.

In between the broadcasting of a mix of music from the 1960s right up to date, we are committed to showing our support and talking passionately about our beautiful city and everything around it.

Launching on DAB (digital radio) in the summer 2021, Salisbury Radio is everything you want from a local radio service. A broad mix of music, fun and engaging personalities between the records and a team of content writers and journalists that provide an unrivalled and potentially award-winning local news service.  

“I am really excited about this. Anything we can do to make Salisbury Radio a great success, we will”.

– SHAUN, Ozweld International


Our news, content and music presenters are mostly based at our high street offices, but – thanks to that second terrible event to hit Salisbury recently each are able to broadcast from their own, home studio location.

Craig Hicks along with Olivia and Dave wake you up each morning with a breakfast show that is unrivalled for local travel news and finding out about Craig’s cat, Barney.

Ian Burridge plays ‘just great songs’ through your workdays, with plenty of opinion and opportunities to get involved.

Matt Rogers will get you home each weekday afternoon. 

Exceptionally talented local man Dave Woollatt is your calming voice in the evenings. Listen carefully and you’ll discover he has a ‘claim to fame’ with almost every artist whose records we play.

News and information

We are committed to making sure you get timely and accurate information about the world around you, here on this very website, on Salisbury Radio and across our social media profiles. We are also happy to promote events and activities across our area, plus provide free coverage for our non-profit groups and organisations.

To notify us of a new story, please call 01722 433 730. Or email our news team here.

If you wish to list an event with us, please visit our Events Pages.

If you wish to promote an event specifically for families and younger people, please contact our Love Salisbury FamilyLife team.

To promote your not-for-profit group or organisations, please visit contact our Linkline team.

Lots more information

Should you wish, you can read all out our company, our commitment and our intentions here:

Salisbury Radio Public File
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