30 May 2024

Work is underway to identify and improve biodiversity in Salisbury City Council’s green spaces

Salisbury City Council is working with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust to increase biodiversity in City Council-owned green spaces – today (10th February 2022), the Trust began preliminary ecological appraisals on Harnham Slope.

The appraisals will provide information on what is doing well and also the areas which need improving.

Management plans will then be implemented which could include more tree planting, hedge rows and wildflower areas.

The first stage of the project will see Wiltshire Wildlife Trust surveying all City Council owned woodland areas including The Folly – Bemerton Heath and Chiselbury Grove to help the City Council maximise the biodiversity in these areas.

Nicholas Self, the Project Officer for Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, said, “Wiltshire Wildlife Trust are pleased to be working in partnership with Salisbury City Council on their suite of woodland sites. We look forward to delivering a package of recommendations and improvements for both wildlife and people across the city in 2022. Starting at Harnham Slope, we will be engaging with the public and community groups. If you see us in your locality, stop us and have a chat.”

Cllr John Wells, who is Chair of the Environmental Working Group, commented, “This project is part of our commitment under the Environmental Policy Action Plan to increase biodiversity on City Council managed land. By working with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, we can target the places which need improving whilst also maintaining the areas which are already doing well. Salisbury has an array of beautiful green spaces and it is so important to look after the variety of species and habitats that call these areas home.”

For more information on Salisbury City Council’s Environmental Policy, click here.

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Beth Doherty
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Written by Beth Doherty