19 June 2024

Top accolade awarded to Live Escape Rooms Salisbury

There are over 1,600 escape rooms in the UK and one in Salisbury has ranked in the top 100.

Live Escape Rooms Salisbury, with locations on Castle Street and in The Cross Keys Shopping Centre, was recently awarded the accolade thanks to enthusiasts, reviewers, bloggers and players leaving glowing reviews on the country’s ‘go to’ escape room site escapethereview.co.uk.

“Only the very best escape rooms, with proven stand-out appeal to many players, score so highly,” said Toby Powell of Escape The Review.

Owners Claire and Charlie Pitcher couldn’t believe it when their certificate arrived at Castle Street this week.

“Spectre has been open since our very beginning and it’s fantastic it has stood the test of time as more and more rooms pop up in the area. We pride ourselves on our customer service as well as game quality, so this certificate will go pride of place next to those awarded from Trip Advisor,” said Charlie.

Charlie and Claire Pitcher with their certificate

Live Escape Rooms Salisbury has been in the city for five years and recently decided to grow their business by opening new experiences in a 14th-century building located in The Cross Keys Shopping Centre.

“So far we have our Pieces of Eight puzzle chests for teams to enjoy,” says Claire, “But in February we will be opening our new escape room The Brig, where players are shackled in the gaol of an old galleon and must work together to escape their cells before the King’s men arrive to take them to the noose.”

Also this year there are plans to open their flagship escape room ‘The Smallsbury Toy Company’ and the following year, a crashed spaceship on the second floor of the building.

“We love playing rooms as much as we love building them. Each game we launch must be better than the last and we hope that once all of Salisbury has experienced one, they will want to enjoy them all,” added Charlie.

Read the reasons why they were voted in the top 100 here.

If you’ve not played any of Live Escape Room Salisbury’s experiences yet, book your escape here.

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Beth Doherty
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Written by Beth Doherty