15 June 2024

Thoughts, Words and Dreams: A collaborative exhibition is coming to Salisbury

A collaborative exhibition is coming to Salisbury this July exploring the emotive journey of hope taken as a community and as individuals over the last two years.

The show titled Thoughts, Words and Dreams brings together local artist Tim Scrace and his recent sculpture THIS TOO WILL PASS, with an anthology of photographs from Salisbury-based homeless charity Alabaré’s depicting the theme THIS IS MY HOPE.

Tim and Alabaré have joined forces to create a show which provides a compelling reflection on our times and an opportunity to look forward to better.

The show is open to the public at the Vanner Gallery, High Street, Salisbury from 2nd – 9th July.

THIS TOO WILL PASS was initially conceived as a temporary public art installation to celebrate movement. Over two months in 2021 Salisbury residents, commuters and visitors alike were invited to interact with the sculpture in the city’s High Street, to stop and reflect on their past, present and future. In all the sculpture was seen by over 90,000 people with 3,000 stopping to chalk their own message on its surface.

July’s exhibition also sees the launch of a limited-edition book thoughts, words and dreams which tells the story of the sculpture from its inception and creation, through to its legacy preserving many of the personal messages and reflections it bore. Proceeds from the book which can be ordered in advance will support a community fund, which will help fund new creative projects and partnerships with charities such as Alabaré.

Artist and sculptor Tim Scrace said, “This project has shown me the power of the human mind to heal and give hope. More than a sculpture, THIS TOO WILL PASS has become an extension of a well-known mantra, evolving into a community manifestation of feelings. Thanks to you, where the world has been in turmoil, I have found faith in the everyday compassion and wisdom of the stranger on the street.”

Local charity Alabaré supports vulnerable and homeless people in the region. The organisation launched THIS IS MY HOPE, a national photography competition during lockdown, asking people to convey what their sense of hope was, for their life, community and our world.

Seemingly such a simple word that has come to mean so much, the charity received a wonderful response, with a diverse range of images, which together reflect the shared experience and sense of community which grew from personal, and yet universal, challenge.

Rebecca Mullen, Events Manager at Alabaré commented, “We launched the photo competition at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, never anticipating just how much as the year draws to a close it would still be impacting our lives. The natural world featured heavily and maybe there is something about a beautiful view to help us get a sense that this too will pass.”

Photographic prints from the exhibition will be available to buy during the show.

Thoughts, Words and Dreams is open to visitors from Saturday 2nd July to Saturday 9th July 2022 at The Vanner Gallery, High Street, Salisbury. Copies of the limited-edition book of the same name can be ordered here.

Photography by Ash Mills.

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Beth Doherty
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Written by Beth Doherty