28 February 2024

Song for Christmas winners crowned

Woodlands Primary School were crowned as Song for Christmas 2023 winners this morning (9th January).

Andy Munns from Salisbury Radio and head judge and former head teacher Anne Munns (yes, she is his mum) visited the school to present £250 Book Vouchers and the Song for Christmas trophy.

Mr Kitley and the whole school were there to celebrate the school’s choir, which is made up of pupils from years 5 and 6, who won the competition for their performance of ‘Walking in the Air’.

The choir performed their winning song for the whole school before receiving the trophy and book vouchers.

Judge Anne Munns presents vouchers to the Woodlands Primary School. (Image: Salisbury Radio)

Anne Munns told the school, “When I heard which song it was, I knew it was a hard song to sing and didn’t know what to expect. When I heard you singing, I was amazed at how great you sounded, and when you performed it for us today, it was even better! Congratulations.”

They were one of twenty schools who participated in the competition last year, of which the standard was very high. The judges listened to the songs from each school, without knowing which school had sung each song.

Four pupils talked to Andy after the trophy and vouchers had been presented; listen back here…

Mr Kitley, head teacher at Woodlands Primary School, told Salisbury Radio, “Well, this is fantastic news, it’s going to mean the world to the children. They have worked so hard. All of our year five and year six form our school choir.

“I am slightly biased, but it is a wonderful version of Walking in the Air.

“It’s going to be a great chance for the children to choose some books they really want.”

Anne Munns presents the Song for Christmas Trophy. (Image: Salisbury Radio)

Riley, a pupil in year 5, said he hoped the school would purchase some David Walliams books with the vouchers, as he is his favourite author.

Andy Munns, a presenter at Salisbury Radio, said, “This year, the standard has been so high, every school upped their game. It was a special moment when we recorded the song at Woodlands; the children sang with smiles on their faces and gave it their all – it was so heartwarming.

“We look forward to seeing what the schools sing in 2024 and hopefully more schools taking part; we will find a way to squeeze in as many as we can!”

Woodlands are Winners (Image: Salisbury Radio)

Alderbury & West Grimstead Primary School were runners-up and received £150 of book vouchers.

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Andy Munns
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Written by Andy Munns