15 June 2024

Sonder Coffee to stay open this Sunday to anyone struggling through the festive period

Sonder Coffee on Salisbury High Street will be opening its doors to anyone struggling through the festive period this Sunday (12th December 2021).

The coffee shop will be staying open from 5.30pm-7pm to anyone who is struggling, feeling alone or just fancies a different kind of company. There will be board games, refreshments, and mince pies, but most importantly, there will be someone to chat to.

Owner Ebony Paz decided to host the open evening to raise awareness about those who may find the festive period difficult or find themselves alone at Christmas.

“This is something that is forgotten about at Christmas and after a rubbish couple of years it is nice to do something nice.

“So many people have struggled throughout the pandemic. Some people told me they had a breakdown during the last lockdown, so slowly coming out to the coffee shop has brought back their ability to go out and socialise and feel comfortable doing that again. It is such a big adjustment from being trapped in your house to then going out into hustling bustling places,” said Ebony.

Sonder Coffee owner Ebony Paz pictured on the left

After contacting some local mental health charities about the evening and spreading the word on social media, Ebony has had a large response from the local community.

“I have had quite a big response from people that you wouldn’t know are struggling but they said that things like this are really helpful. Some people don’t want to tell others that they are having a hard time, but when they come to this as a guest it is helpful to see other people that come across like they are not struggling too.

“We have opened the event to everyone, but there will be lots of people that come to support others who are struggling themselves – by giving that support hopefully it will help them also.”

So far Ebony says the level of support for the open evening has been “amazing”.

“We have had so many people come in and offer to donate coffees and money towards refreshments which is so lovely.

“It’s an awareness thing too because so many people won’t turn up to two hours in a coffee shop but more people will be aware and spare a thought for those who are a bit more alone at Christmas.”

Going forward, Ebony wants Sonder Coffee to be somewhere anyone can come any day.

“I hope events like these help to put us on the map as somewhere people can come for a chat any day because it shows we care. We have built so many regulars that come in to talk to us and feel comfortable around us and I just want anyone to feel like that anytime,” added Ebony.

Find Sonder Coffee on 35 High Street, Salisbury Open 8am-5.30pm Monday-Saturday and 8am-4.30pm Sundays.

Images by Snowy The Dog Photography.

Written by
Beth Doherty
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Written by Beth Doherty