18 July 2024

Salisbury kitty wins Most Caring Cat prize

At Salisbury Radio we love our cats, especially our breakfast show host Craig Hicks, who brings kitty content to the airwaves every weekday.

Now, it’s time to celebrate our feline friends in the National Cat Awards, and a cat from Shrewton is taking home the Most Caring Cat award.

From fun-loving cats who help children face major challenges to caring cats who provide comfort in times of need, the marvellous moggies are all in the running to be named Cats Protection’s National Cat of the Year 2021.

Zoe’s cat Penelope is this year’s Most Caring Cat winner.

For Zoe, 28, everyday life is unpredictable, painful and frightening. She suffers from a range of complex medical issues including craniocervical instability and Ehlers–Danlos syndrome.

Her conditions mean that Zoe is barely able to hold her head up, and is prone to breaking or dislocating bones. Zoe also suffers terrifying seizures without warning.

Thankfully, Zoe’s caring kitty Penelope is always on hand to help. Penelope can sense when Zoe is about to have a seizure and raises the alarm.

“My seizures often come at night when I’m in bed and can often leave me with injuries. But Penelope sleeps with me, and when a seizure is about to start she will run and attract my mum’s attention so she can come and help me.

“She’s not really a vocal cat at any other time, the only time she meows is to get mum’s attention,” explained Zoe.

After a seizure, Zoe can be left feeling weak and traumatised, but Penelope will sit with her to provide a comforting presence while she recovers.

As category winners, Zoe and Penelope will receive a trophy, a £100 pet store voucher, a year’s subscription to Cats Protection’s ‘The Cat magazine, and a three months supply of Purina cat food.

Photo Credit: Cats Protection

Written by
Beth Doherty
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Written by Beth Doherty