30 May 2024

Salisbury Cathedral’s peregrine parents have been named

Salisbury Cathedral’s resident peregrine parents have been named this afternoon.

At just after 3 o’clock (4th April 2022) the much-anticipated name reveal of Salisbury Cathedral’s peregrine parents took place.

The Cathedral’s Creative Director of Flowers, Michael Bowyer did the honours. Revealing the names via Salisbury Cathedral’s social media after pulling the winning names from a basket.

The name game that required Salisbury Cathedral’s peregrine followers to submit names relating to flora and fauna closed for entries on Friday (1st April 2022).

Nearly 140 people took part, but the lucky winner is Kathy Davenport, naming the peregrines Daisy and Oxeye.

Kathy will also receive tickets to the upcoming Flower Festival taking place on the 10-15th of May.

Although a celebratory moment, Salisbury Cathedral is willing the city to, “spare a thought for our peregrine parents”, amid the colder weather.

According to Salisbury Cathedral’s Travel and Trade Manager, Marie Thomas said, “It is vital during this cold spell that the eggs are kept warm, and you will notice that when the birds are incubating, they move around regularly, ensuring each egg is warmed equally. Part of the reason they scrape down into the gravel is to keep the eggs together and create a seal around them to maximise the transfer of the parent’s body heat.”

If the peregrine pair can protect the eggs from the cold, the chicks are expected to hatch around the 27-28th of April.

To watch the peregrines live via the Cathedral’s webcams or see their journey so far click here.

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Adele Bouchard
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Written by Adele Bouchard