19 June 2024

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The team at Love Salisbury are excited to announce the launch of the city’s new, free newspaper.

Joining forces with the Observer Media Group, the Love Salisbury Observer will hit newsstands next Thursday (18th November 2021).

MP John Glen has shown his support by the contributing a column in a paper that will promote and enthuse about the city.

The enterprise is part of the Love Salisbury family of growing media enterprises which exist to ensure South Wiltshire and West Hampshire are given timely, accurate and engaging information about the immediate world around them; whether that’s on radio, on social media, online or in print.

It’s also a way to ensure people who live, work and play around the city can learn and be brought up to speed about the offers, products and services provided by the massive range of locally owned businesses.

Putting easy, efficient access to audiences together – regardless of which media they consume – gives businesses more “bang for their buck” says managing director David Harber. “Having been a baby DJ on Spire FM, well before the days of the internet, things do change, but there is one constant in this city.

“People always want to know what’s going on. They want to hear about the news, events and decisions that matter to them.

“‘Local’ radio stations like Greatest Hits are broadcast from places like Manchester and London and paid-for local newspapers like the Journal no longer have offices in the city, it remains essential that the people of this fair city are still able to receive local news from a local media organisation, but are also able to contribute, too.”

Featuring local music news from people such as Thom Belk who play and operate in our local pubs and clubs, culinary expertise from our multiple foodie bloggers and gardening advice from contributors like Stephen Hackett (The Constant Gardener), the city’s new paper is edited locally by Beth Doherty.

Beth says, “So excited about the launch of the paper. As you will see from Thursday next week, we’ll give a more positive slant on the events around our city.

“Forget councillors and court reports. There’s so much great, positive stuff happening in Salisbury, sometimes there’s ‘not enough space on the page’.

“Well, we are going to make space available. We want more people to hear about the amazing individuals, groups and organisations that make this city great.”

The Observer Media Group have titles in places like Basingstoke and Andover, but each are managed locally, owned locally and have a real sense of knowing and understanding the ebb and flow of the area they serve.

Along with lovesalisbury.co.uk and the #LoveSalisbury digital outlets, recent arrangements to provide increasing amounts of ‘rich media’ content like videos from the city, thanks to Brunton Media, the team at Love Salisbury on Endless Street are really set up to ensure as many people as possible hear, read and watch all that’s great about the area.

Sales Manager Karli Hart who has constructed the multimedia sales packages that will give a greater number of prospective customers to local businesses says, “Along with the impending launch of Salisbury Radio, our various billboard locations around the area and our growing prominence digitally, adding a newspaper to our family was a natural move.

“The world really is going digital, but some people are used to tradition. So, a free local newspaper ensures more people are reached, through more platforms.

“Being a free local paper, we know it will attract a younger reader. This is really exciting for Salisbury, everyone loves a bit of a ‘shake up’ as long as its positive – and this definitely is!”.

The first edition of the newspaper is published with thanks to over 50 local businesses with particular thanks to Salisbury BID and Wiltshire Council.

The first edition will focus on festive plans around the city, promoting local events and businesses and will announce the launch of this year’s ‘Great Big Salisbury Christmas Toy Appeal’ run by Louise Howard at ReQuire Consultancy, Andy Munns from mySalisbury and the team at Salisbury Radio.

15,000 copies will be circulated and will be available at local supermarkets, designated pickup points, local businesses as well as delivered to select local postcodes. A list of locations will be published next week.

You can also collect a free copy from the Love Salisbury offices at 3 Endless Street.

If you have a story, photos or letters to send the editor, please email editor@lovesalisbury.co.uk.

For advertising enquiries, please email Karli Hart here: karli@lovesalisbury.co.uk.

Click here to download the Love Salisbury Media Pack.

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