19 June 2024

Asda set to update planning application for store on Hampton Park Roundabout, Salisbury

According to the leader of the Conservative group on Salisbury City Council, Asda is set to submit an update to their planning application to bring a £20million supermarket to Hampton Park roundabout in Salisbury.

The supermarket previously held planning permission for the same location which was approved by Wiltshire Council in 2017.

According to Charles McGrath, the latest plans include the store itself, a large car park, two drive-throughs (one a fast-food restaurant, and one a coffee shop), and a green open space.

The new site is expected to cover 30,000 sq ft instead of the 25,000 sq ft store outlined in the initial application in 2017.

It is expected that Asda will launch a public consultation on this news and answer any questions from the public.

Cllr Mcgrath commented, “I would strongly encourage people to take part in the consultation at Hampton Park Pavilion. It will be a great opportunity for residents of Bishopdown Farm, Hampton Park, Riverdown Park and elsewhere to have their say and make sure the development reflects the needs of the community, both in terms of the store itself as well as the related issues of traffic management and connectivity“.

Asda has been approached for comment.

Image: Google Maps Street View.

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Beth Doherty
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Written by Beth Doherty