28 May 2024

Older sister of Freddie Fontente-Jones shares touching tribute

The older sister of Freddie Fontente-Jones, Emma, has penned an open letter tribute to her brother following his death after a serious assault in Salisbury on Sunday 20 February.

The letter reads:

“Dear Freddie,

“You have been the best brother, the very best son and the greatest friend anyone could have ever imagined. My words fail me, but there is no way I can fathom, comprehend or even explain the acute pain in my heart.

“We have had the best laughs together, and you would laugh at me for saying this, but you are genuinely the funniest person I have ever met.

“I cannot even begin to explain how much of an impact you have had on so many people’s lives. Freddie, have united so many people that would otherwise have been divided, and for that, I am so immensely proud of you.

“So many people have shared their memories of you since your passing, and perhaps the most profound of all was Mumma T saying that you had the gift of friendship. She’s right. It was your gift, and a true testament of your character. This is how you will forever be remembered. You loved everyone and anyone regardless of demographic and profession, you were always a friend. How exceptionally lucky we have all been.

“I remember so vividly walking into town with you and it would take us forever to get anywhere as everyone we came across would be stopping to chat to you. I used to call you the ‘Mayor of Salisbury’. I knew you had so, so many friends, but until this week, I never could have imagined just how many people loved and cared for you. When you were in hospital, there were nearly 30 friends outside waiting for you. There has been such a huge outpouring of love and support. If only you knew how loved you are – I know inwardly you would be so shocked and so grateful, but outwardly you would be saying ‘It’s because I’m the boss’.

“I am so, so proud to call you my brother Freddie. I have always been so proud of you, but now you are gone I can truly see the impact you had. All of our lives are that much better for having known you.

“Myron misses going running with you and he will miss you going to his sports days. Esther-May will miss you picking her up from nursery and she will miss going on your shoulders. Deladem will miss watching films with you and doing your hair. Mum will miss you picking her up from the ground and calling her ‘lil Mum’. Naomi and Daniella will miss asking you for money and running your pockets dry.

“If only I knew death was so close Freddie.

“Thank you for caring for me when I couldn’t care for myself. Thank you for loving me when I didn’t feel worthy of love.

“I miss you so terribly little brother, our story is by far my favourite.

“May His face shine upon you and may He give you peace.

“Until my time comes.

“Emma. xo”

Written by
Beth Doherty
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Written by Beth Doherty