30 May 2024

Calling all beer lovers! A new craft beer bar is set to come to Salisbury

A new craft and world beer bar serving a wide range of products including Belgian style beer is set to open in The Maltings before Christmas.

Taking over the vacant shop which was occupied by Stonehenge Tailoring before they moved next door, the craft bar hopes to bring a refreshed approach to drinking where customers are mindful of what they are consuming and where it came from.

Initially, the craft bar will feature 12 taps of beer with bottles and cans also available to drink on-site or takeaway.

Owner of the bar Jacob Price said, “The beer we will be stocking is not made in huge quantities, it takes more time to produce and is made from quality ingredients.

“I want to create a place where people can enjoy a drink, be mindful of what they are drinking and try something really niche or exotic. There is a lot of innovation in small breweries and I want to bring these craft beers to a city that hasn’t got a venue to showcase them”.

The bar will not only encourage mindful drinking of world and craft beer but also mindful listening, with small speakers on the bar playing music from a vinyl turntable.

“I am very musical myself and I love vinyl because it is tangible. I know what music is playing because I physically own the record. I hope that being aware of the music and the beer will create a unique bar experience and I encourage others to bring in their favourite records to play and share also”.

One brewery that will take residency at the bar is Dark Revolution, based in Old Sarum, Salisbury. Jacob further tells us that certain beers may even be paired with food, for example, a velvety chocolate ganache inspired beer could be paired with a chocolate brownie.

“I think Salisbury is the cultural capital of Wiltshire and it has a very progressive population who are looking to actively improve the city. I was inspired to open this bar because I like working with people and I love the product. Wherever possible I do my best to learn everything, including the ingredients of the products I stock and serve”.

As well as world craft beer the bar will have a variety of gins, wine and some rums and whiskies.

Jacob’s craft beer bar is set to open before Christmas 2021 at 4 The Maltings, Salisbury.

Written by
Beth Doherty
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Written by Beth Doherty