22 April 2024

Bus stops and routes updated for Fisherton Gateway project

Salisbury Reds have announced their plans, whilst Fisherton Steet only allows inbound traffic during work.

It is expected that Fisherton Street will be one way for around a year during the Fisherton Gateway Project.

These changes will come into effect from Sunday, 6th August.

This is due to works in connection with the Government’s High Streets Improvement Scheme, which aims to make the area more pedestrian friendly.

During the works, the following stops will not be served by buses leaving the city:

  • Fisherton Street Clock Tower
  • Water Lane
  • St Paul’s Church

The below services will leave New Canal stops and run non-stop to either Wilton Road or Devizes Road to continue their normal route.

  • Red1 to Bemerton Heath
  • Red8 to Ditchampton
  • Red10 to St Peter’s Place
  • PR3 to Wilton
  • 2 to Devizes
  • Rural services 25/26/26A/27

The Stonehenge Tour is unaffected for buses leaving the city heading to Stonehenge

Some school day journeys from September may be affected; Salisbury Reds will update us further with any changes or developments as soon as they know them.

Written by
Andy Munns
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Written by Andy Munns