15 June 2024

Zero-waste shop opens in city centre

A new zero waste shop opened its doors in the city centre yesterday (Monday 16th August). Blueberry Den is known for its door-to-door plastic-free refill service. Now, they have a new home at 50 Winchester Street, Salisbury.

Speaking to the owner of Blueberry Den, Celeste Skinner said, “for a while, we had been trying to do more for the environment because reducing plastic waste just wasn’t enough.

“Our carbon footprint was reduced dramatically when we started working with CoDelivery and online orders were sent via electric bike; however, we knew that to reach many more customers, cut down our emissions to a minimum and create a real impact, we needed a central location”.

For nearly two years Blueberry Den has had zero waste refill stations and pop-up shops located around the city. Celeste told us that now was the time to create something truly special and unique.

“We continue offering food and cleaning essentials but this time also working with other local businesses, bringing you a much larger range of products made in Salisbury, because we believe in supporting small and shopping with purpose.

“We strongly believe that the key to our environmental challenges is people. We are all part of the problem but also part of the solution, and together we can create a real difference by inspiring others to be the change that they wish to see. Being able to have a shop in the city centre is not only a truly special gift but also an honour, where we hope to serve many more customers in the best possible way,” she added.

Dan Collins, Business Manager at Salisbury BID, commented, “With the challenges of climate change becoming more obvious it is exciting to welcome a pioneering new shop to our city centre. Blueberry Den brings more variety to the Salisbury shopping experience and shows how the city is still attracting entrepreneurs“.

Find Blueberry Den’s brand new shiny shop at 50 Winchester Street, Salisbury.

Written by
Beth Doherty
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Written by Beth Doherty