20 June 2024

Wiltshire traffic wardens to take strike action again this month

Wiltshire traffic wardens are to go on strike again in two-weeks time.

The GMB Union has informed Wiltshire Council that some officers in their parking enforcement team are planning to strike from Thursday 30th June until Wednesday 6th July.

Despite the planned industrial action, the council is reminding people that parking restrictions will remain in place, including car park charges and enforcement with the possibility of a penalty charge notice being issued will continue.

In The Metro today (16th June 2022), it was reported that the strikes were as a result of a proposed ten per cent, £2,000-a-year pay cut, with GMB members at Wiltshire Council unhappy at the council’s refusal to rule out ‘fire and rehire’ tactics.

GMB Union members last took industrial action on 7th May 2022 over proposals to make changes to the council’s current unsocial, standby and callout policies – read more here.

Terence Herbert, Chief Executive of Wiltshire Council, said, “Discussions between the council and the three recognised unions – Unison, Unite the Union and GMB – over proposed changes to terms and conditions are ongoing, and GMB’s claim that we refuse to take the option to ‘fire and re-hire’ off the table is unhelpful.

“While the ability to make changes to policies through a process of dismissal and re-engagement is one of a range of options open to any employer, it is not something that is currently being looked at or discussed.

“We always aim to work with our recognised unions to find alternative ways forward, but GMB’s misleading claims are likely to cause distress to staff. A more constructive approach would be for them to engage meaningfully in working group discussions, as the other unions are.

“It is incorrect to say that we have ‘pulled out of talks’ with ACAS. We have been working with ACAS to find a date that suits the council, GMB and ACAS, and we are committed to holding these talks at a time when all parties can attend.

“We are disappointed that the GMB has chosen to escalate this strike action, and we will be putting in place measures to minimise both customer and financial impacts, including continuing to enforce parking restrictions.

“As we have been clear all along, workers’ base pay is not being cut and no final decisions have been made on these proposals. However, we do need to make changes to ensure our policies remain fit for purpose, financially viable and support delivery of our business plan, while ensuring our staff are fairly and appropriately rewarded.

“We value our staff, and we will continue to listen to their views throughout this process.”

Written by
Beth Doherty
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Written by Beth Doherty