22 April 2024

Warning following increase in social media scams

Wiltshire Police are urging people to take care of their privacy settings on social media following an increase in reported online scams.

Officers have seen a large number of online scams recently where victims are being befriended by accounts on social media and then instructed to attend their banks and send large amounts of money to overseas accounts.

Victims have also been told they’ve won money and asked to send personal details to these scammers, including their address, banking account number and sort code, and on some occasions, their passport details.

It is believed victims are being chosen through scammers viewing their social media accounts.

PC Rachel Cook said: “Please ensure that your privacy settings are set appropriately and always take care when using social media.

“Don’t click any links that you’re unfamiliar with, and don’t communicate with any accounts that seem suspicious – such as an account that has no photos, friends or followers, or one that makes requests or promises to you.

“Please also check the accounts of your children and elderly relatives to ensure their privacy settings are secure, as these appear to be the victims that scammers will target.

“If you have any questions or are concerned that you’re being scammed, do not hesitate to contact your bank by calling 159.

“Alternatively, visit www.actionfraud.police.uk or call us on 101.”

Written by
Andy Munns
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Written by Andy Munns