20 June 2024

“Using the booking system remains the best way to get vaccinated,” says City Hall vaccination Centre

Yesterday (12th December 20201), the Prime Minister addressed the nation regarding the spread of the Omicron variant, announcing that from today, anyone over the age of 18 who received their second dose of the COVID vaccine at least three months ago, can now book a COVID booster jab.

The Prime Minister said, “We are now facing an emergency in our battle with the new variant, Omicron, and we must urgently reinforce our wall of vaccine protection to keep our friends and loved ones safe.”

Speaking to the Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust about the best way to book a COVID-19 booster jab, a spokesperson said:

“The team at Salisbury City Hall Vaccination Centre are urgently looking at ways to increase the centres capacity. There are many factors that the team need to consider but it is hoped that more walk-in sessions will be offered as well as an increase in bookable appointment slots.

“At the moment the centre is working at full capacity which means that at times no appointments show on the National Booking System. If someone is unable to book when they first try we would urge them to keep trying as more slots are being added all the time and there are cancellations. At the moment using the booking system remains the best way to get vaccinated.

“Vaccination remains the most effective means to protect yourself, your family and the whole community. Please take up the offer when it’s made and get boosted.”

Currently, the vaccination centre at the City Hall in Salisbury are asking residents to use the national booking service.

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust is reportedly waiting on formal guidance, but meetings are already taking place to discuss the response to the challenge of boosting all over 18s by the end of the year.

To book your first, second or booster COVID vaccination, click here.

Photograph by Harley Shearstone.

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Beth Doherty
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Written by Beth Doherty