28 May 2024

Unexpected A-Level results? Here’s what you can do

A-Level results day can be overwhelming at the best of times, let alone after a year of home learning, different assessment procedures, and unprecedented times.

Schools and students have been hit hard by the effects of the pandemic. This year, exams were cancelled and students were awarded teacher assessed grades.

While many may be happy with their results, if your grades didn’t turn out exactly how you wanted, don’t panic. There are plenty of options still available to you.

Here’s Love Salisbury’s guide to what to do next:

Speak to your university or college

Due to extenuating circumstances, this year universities will hold places for students who are appealing their grades. If you narrowly missed your entry grades, universities may be flexible, so it is worth giving them a call.

Apply through Clearing

Clearing can seem like a frantic and daunting experience, but an adviser at your school, college or careers office will be on hand to support you.

This is a great option for those set on going to university this September.

Click here to apply through clearing and use the ‘view matches’ tool to see courses that are personally matched to you. If you want to apply for a different degree use the search tool to browse thousands of courses available at different universities.

Sit your exams in autumn, or appeal your grades

Students in England will be able to sit their exams in the autumn, giving you a chance to improve your grade. If you do decide to sit an exam, you will be able to submit your highest grade.

If something doesn’t seem right with your results, you can request an appeal. Talk to your school or college about a review of marking. Once you have reviewed how the work was marked you can request an appeal. It’s best to be quick with this decision to increase your chances of getting a place at your desired university.

Explore apprenticeships

If university isn’t for you, you could earn a salary while you study.

Apprenticeship fees can be funded by your employer and the Government with an endless range of opportunities available. Visit the UCAS apprenticeship hub here to find out more.

Consider alternative options

University or an apprenticeship are not the only options open to you now you have formal education. The world is your oyster! Consider taking a gap year if you aren’t sure of your next steps, or go straight into the world of work. Here you can find lots of information about the options available.

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Beth Doherty
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Written by Beth Doherty