18 July 2024

And another one! Three peregrine falcon eggs have hatched

The Salisbury Cathedral team have just reviewed the footage and a third chick hatched at around 8.08am this morning (27th April 2022).

Yesterday (26th April 2022), the Salisbury Cathedral team were caught by surprise as a chick was seen chipping away at its own shell with its special egg tooth at around 08:59am.

The chick had fully emerged by around 10:03am and was followed swiftly by its sibling who hatched at 1.22pm.

Now, the third chick has joined its siblings, you can see the chicks in the video below.

A spokesperson for the Cathedral said,“Hatching is a tricky business for a small chick, who lies curled up inside the egg with its head tucked under a wing initially. When the hatching begins, the following 72 hour period is full with absorbing the remaining egg yolk for energy and activating the hatching muscle on the back of its neck.

“As this muscle contracts, it pulls the chick’s head up and brings the ‘egg tooth’ into contact with the shell to crack it. The chick commits to hours of work before fully hatching and breaking free from its shell. Understandably, rest is top priority after a chick has successfully hatched!”

The public is invited to observe the latest updates from the peregrines by using the peregrine livestream cameras and joining the dedicated Peregrine Community Facebook Group.

Written by
Beth Doherty
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Written by Beth Doherty