20 June 2024

The Mayor of Salisbury speaks up about Pride 2022: “it’s about dispelling myths”

The Mayor of Salisbury, Cllr Caroline Corbin, talks Pride 2022 and what she thinks it means to people.

In an interview with Love Salisbury, the current mayor, gave her thoughts on Pride as she looks ahead to the summer celebration.

Following the success of Pride 2021, “The preparation ahead of the July event has been made easier with a blueprint to follow and people wanting to be involved,” according to the Salisbury mayor.

“But while getting money and financial assistance from some quarters has been easy, from others it has been more difficult- which goes to show that there is still a long way to go before we get achieve proper equality and acceptance,” added Cllr Caroline Corbin.

Salisbury Pride 2022 is set to take place on Saturday 2nd July for its seventh year at Queen Elizabeth Gardens. The event is free to anyone of any age, however the mayor worries that, “People do still see it as something that is purely for gay people.

“It’s a family event, it’s about dispelling myths, it’s about being accessible. And you can talk to anyone from the Pride community, and they’ll answer. They’ll tell you their story and some of the stories can be quite difficult to comprehend. So it’s nice that you can do that, and put on an event,” she added.

With just over a month left of her mayoral year, Caroline’s husband Tom Corbin will be Mayor by the time of the July event. Meanwhile she will become his Consort and Deputy Mayor.

Looking ahead to May 14th, when the pair will swap chains and mayoral titles, the current mayor told Love Salisbury, “I think he’ll be different to me because he’s a bit more stoic and not quite as loud-mouthed. I think he’s got the more political brain whereas I’m community based, and people focussed- it’s people that matter.”

Although a highlight in the Salisbury calendar Cllr Caroline Corbin still feels there’s progress to be made- particularly for the trans community, “The trouble that always follows trans people I think is so unfair, because those people have lived a tormented life before they transition. And then people feel they can comment and say that it isn’t right, and you are the way you’re born. No- you’re not. It should be defined by the person, not by society and not by anybody else,” said Cllr Corbin.

Unless purchasing a VIP ticket (granting access to a premium bar, food outlet, seating and service) tickets to Salisbury Pride 2022 are free. The festival will run from 12pm-10pm with last entries being accepted at 9pm. The line-up of acts and event schedule is yet to be announced. To book a ticket or find out more click here.

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Adele Bouchard
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Written by Adele Bouchard