28 May 2024

Soroptimists launch their 2024 bra collection

Salisbury Soroptimists have launched their annual bra collection so they can be sent to African countries.

There are two collection points in the city: Five Rivers Leisure Centre and 60 Endless Street. They are looking for ‘gently used’ bras to be donated.

Donations can be made all through May until the end of June.

Salisbury Soroptimists said, “Ladies! It’s time to spring clean your underwear drawers – Salisbury Soroptimists are once more calling for your support in donating ‘gently used’ bras to our collection, which will be sent to various African countries.

“We deliver the bras we collect to Afreebra in south-west London. They partner with organisations working in various African countries to distribute them to women who would otherwise not be able to afford such a garment.

“Sometimes the bras are used as an incentive to women, for example to bring their children to a literacy project.

“Women living in rural areas often have very little access to cash and are last on the family spending priorities. Your bra could help improve a woman’s self-esteem!”

Written by
Andy Munns
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Written by Andy Munns