19 June 2024

Salisbury Radio breakfast host arrested whilst on air

Salisbury Radio’s breakfast show host, Craig Hicks, was arrested on air this morning for ‘stealing chocolate biscuits’.

Officers from Wiltshire Police carried out the arrest on behalf of Salisbury Hospice Charity, whose Jail & Bail event is running today.

Mr Hicks is charged with the crime of ‘stealing all the chocolate biscuits’ whenever some are bought for the office.

Donate here to help free Craig – https://salisburyhospicecharity.enthuse.com/pf/craig-hicks

Andy Munns and Ian Burrage were forced to step in to cover the rest of the breakfast show whilst Craig was carted off by the police.

He will stand trial later today in front of Judge Paul Sample in the Court Room in Salisbury’s Guildhall and is likely to be jailed because of his misdemeanours.

Andy Munns from Salisbury Radio said of the arrest, “It’s well known that Craig loves his food and he quickly snaffles any food that is left lying around the office. He is very partial to chocolate biscuits, and they disappear faster than a politician changes his mind.

“We hope that this arrest will finally bring an end to Craig’s snack pilfering once and for all!”

The arrest and jail time are all in aid of Salisbury Hospice Charity, and Craig will be joined by four others who have been accused of crimes in the workplace.

There is only one way for him to be freed – to raise £999 by the end of today.

If you can – please make a donation to Salisbury Hospice Charity in the name of freeing Craig from jail.

You can donate here – https://salisburyhospicecharity.enthuse.com/pf/craig-hicks

Written by
Andy Munns
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Written by Andy Munns