30 May 2024

Salisbury Plain used as action set for the latest James Bond film

As the much anticipated James Bond film, No Time To Die, finally hits the big screens this week, the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) has revealed that Salisbury Plain was the location for much of James Bond’s action.

According to the DOI, the Salisbury Plain training area was transformed for the most recent Bond film, providing the ideal stunt location for explosions and action-packed car chases.

Starring Daniel Craig in his fifth and final James Bond film, the movie premiered at the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday and has received five-star reviews from critics.

Images from the set show motorbikes and multiple 4x4s with Russian number plates spraying mud and flying around the military training area in an action-packed car chase.

From downhill driving, jumps, motorbike chases, and massive explosions, the DOI said that“Salisbury Plain’s vast and stunning landscape made it the perfect film location for 007”.

So, if you’re heading to the cinema this week to see Daniel Craig and 007 in action, keep an eye out for Salisbury Plain. We’ll be expecting you Mr. Bond…

Written by
Beth Doherty
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Written by Beth Doherty