22 April 2024

Salisbury City Council helped LGBTQ+ youth groups find a new venue

During this Pride month, Salisbury City Council’s Communities Team are delighted to announce the re-launch for the LGBTQ+ youth groups at a new venue, The George and Dragon, Castle Street Salisbury.

It is re-starting on Thursday 13th July 2023 4.30pm – 6.00pm (ages 11 – under 16) and 6.30pm – 8.00pm (ages 16+) and will run once a month.

The Salisbury City Council Communities Team led LGBTQ+ youth group started in February this year by listening to what young people in search of a safe and supportive space, dedicated to them, told us they wanted.

At the centre of these groups, overseen and facilitated by professionally trained staff and supporting volunteers, young people can meet, participate in activities, and chat with us and each other without agenda, or judgement.

So many young people have expressed a need for space independent of home and school which is dedicated to them as they find their way through their thoughts and feelings in relation to their sexuality and sexual orientation and want somewhere safe that they can share them.

The groups will take place at The George and Dragon, Castle Street Salisbury, welcomed by the management at the pub but held as a safe space for young people. Families and carers can rest assured no alcohol will be provided and are welcome to accompany your young people to the group to find support together. Supportive allies are also welcome to attend. Soft drinks and snacks will be available.

A mum of a transitioned daughter told us, “If a group like this had existed when my daughter was transitioning, we would have welcomed it with open arms.”

When we were asking the community what was needed and what they thought about our idea to create this group a young trans man told us, “That would be perfect, this event (Pride 2022) is great but it will be packed away when it’s finished and then we will be forgotten about for another year – we need it.”

Our Communities Officers and the team of volunteers are committed to enabling these participant lead groups. During the younger sessions, attendees can engage with activities such as arts, crafts and board games and in the older session members will forge new friendships in a chilled environment with support on hand if requested.

If you are someone with experience of the LGBTQ+ community or a loved one of someone who is and feel you can be supportive by giving some time for others finding their way, please contact the Salisbury City Council Communities team about volunteering.

The team involved in this project would ask that if you know a young person who is looking for community and don’t know where to find it, please direct them to this group.

We hope to build these groups, have fun, and make Salisbury a more rainbow coloured city.

Communities Manager, Sarah Gregson and Community Development Officer, Sheri Cane who lead the project

Contact the Team at bhc@salisburycitycouncil.gov.uk or call the communities office on 01722 417100

Written by
Niamh Cunningham
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Written by Niamh Cunningham