22 April 2024

Retired parish councillor Victor Bussereau has been awarded the Freedom of the Parish

In recognition of his exceptional service to the Parish of Laverstock & Ford, on Monday 19th June, Victor Bussereau became the fourth councillor to receive this award in the history of the council which was formed 1894.

Nick Baker, the Chair of the Council presented Victor with a signed scroll, confirming the award, and Wiltshire Cllr Ian McLennan also gave his congratulations.

In making the award Nick Baker, Chair said “Vic Bussereau has made a significant contribution to the life of the parish over his twelve years as a councillor, playing a leading role in the establishment of Castle Hill Country Park, leading on transport issues for the Parish Council, serving as vice chair and being a great advocate for the residents of Ford and the new development at Longhedge, giving residents a voice before the first houses were occupied.”

“He also led a magnificent team of volunteers who steered the Laverstock and Ford Neighbourhood Plan through from initial consultation with residents, business and landowners, to research, and preparation of countless drafts and then the legal referendum process. Without people like Vic giving so generously of their time the parish would be a much poorer place and it was a pleasure to recognise his contribution with the award of the Freedom of the Parish. “

Victor Bussereau and Nick Baker

Mr Bussereau commented, “I was very surprised to receive the phone call from Nick suggesting this – I thought he was joking. The Laverstock and Ford Communities Neighbourhood Plan was very much a team effort. Residents, Jim Boardman and Kevin Martin in particular put in many hours to see this through.

Councillors for Laverstock and Ford Parish Council do not join to represent the views and interests of a political party, the council is non-political and aims to improve services and quality of life for residents in their local community.

Laverstock & Ford Parish is a progressive community of four very different localities adjoining the City of Salisbury, Wiltshire. The Parish has been transitioning over the last twenty years from a rural, mainly agricultural background to a broader mix of semi-rural, semi-urban settings with industrial sites and businesses springing up alongside it’s historic sites of The Laverstock Downs, Milford Medieval Bridge, Old Sarum Hillfort and the Old Sarum Historic Airfield.

The parish council is currently seeking more local people with the passion and drive to effect positive change, to join the council in giving exceptional service for the benefit of others.

If you’d like to know more please contact Juliet Brain. communications@laverstockford.co.uk

Written by
Niamh Cunningham
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Written by Niamh Cunningham