22 April 2024

Record bra collection counted

Salisbury Soroptimists have thanked the women of Salisbury and the surrounding area for their amazing support in donating another record-breaking number of bras for their annual collection.

Last year they counted over 2500, but in 2023 this was far superseded by an astonishing 3736!!

A team of volunteers gathered to sort, count and bag the bras.

Many hands made light work of the count, so there was time for some light refreshments.

A spokesperson for the Soroptimists said, “If any neighbours heard us talking about putting bodies into black bags, please be assured we were talking about lingerie!

“The bags were labelled and will be delivered to Afreebra, which has storage capacity in Twickenham.

The bras will all be flown to various African countries and donated to women who otherwise would not be able to afford such garments. Imagine the boost to your confidence and self-esteem by wearing a ‘luxury’ garment. Like in many places, women are often last in the queue for family finances and their needs come low down the priority list.

If you didn’t get around to donating, please hang on to your bras – we will be happy to receive them next year!

Thanks to everyone who donated, collected bras from donation points, Five Rivers for hosting our main collection point and those who came along to count the haul!”

Written by
Andy Munns
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Written by Andy Munns