22 April 2024

Plans for new High Post police station refused

A planning application that included a police hub at High Post has been rejected by Wiltshire Council.

The ‘Southern Policing Hub’ was included in outline in the application on land next to the current business park at High Post and also was a mixed-used, employment-led development.

The application was part of several options being considered by the Police Crime Commissioners’ office for a new police facility for the area as Bourne Hill is not seen as fit for purpose.

The application was rejected mainly on environmental and traffic grounds. “Developing this visually prominent and exposed hilltop site will have an adverse impact upon the landscape. The site largely comprises Grade 2 agricultural land which is defined as best and most versatile (BMV) and is designated a Special Landscape Area.

“The proposal involves the removal of trees which are subject to Tree Preservation Order and make a positive contribution to the character and appearance of the area. Tree survey and constraints plans are intended to inform the design and layout of development and trees which are of sufficient quality should normally be retained and incorporated in the design. It is considered that there is no justification for the loss of these trees which would be harmful to the visual amenity of the area, and its enjoyment by the public.

“It is considered that the loss of BMV, the loss of the woodland and the introduction of large scale-built form will amount to an overall adverse nature of effect for landscape elements and landscape character.”

“The A345 junction modelling assessment is not considered representative of the true operation of the A345 junction and does not include full geometric details of the existing signalised junction. No consideration is made for tracking of the junction, nor the potential implications of right turning HGV’s blocking the junction.”

Written by
Andy Munns
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Written by Andy Munns