22 April 2024

Officers visit Salisbury restaurants to conduct modern slavery checks

Wiltshire Police have been visiting a series of restaurants in Salisbury to conduct immigration and welfare checks.

On June 29, the Salisbury Neighbourhood Team and response teams, specialist departments and immigration visited five restaurants across the city centre simultaneously.

The unit spoke to employees of the restaurants to check their welfare and ensure they were working legitimately, receiving what they were entitled to, and getting the right advice and support.

We also spoke to employers to reaffirm correct procedures and ensure they were running their businesses correctly.

There were five arrests in total, one of whom was later de-arrested.

Three fines totalling £60,000 were also issued to owners for employees that were working illegally.

Inspector Tina Osborn said: “This was a successful operation in collaboration with our partners to perform modern slavery checks and ensure that employees were working legally and being treated appropriately.

“We take modern slavery incredibly seriously and will clamp down on employers breaching laws regarding immigration and employees’ rights.

“I would like to remind business owners that it’s your responsibility to check the immigration status of any employees you are hiring.”

Written by
Andy Munns
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Written by Andy Munns