19 June 2024

Nostalgic, sentimental and a good old laugh: The Playhouse returns with September in the Rain

Last night (16th September) showmanship, laughter and excitement filled the Playhouse once again as theatre-goers took their seats for the opening night of September in the Rain.

The show is the first of the autumn season and aptly explores the British staycation through the characters of newly-wed Yorkshire couple, Jack (played by Ian Kelsey from Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Blue Murder), and Liz, (played by Nicola Sloane from Call the Midwife and Les Miserables).

The year is 1950 and Jack and Liz are off on their annual holiday to Blackpool. Beneath an uncertain September sky, the audience is transported forward and backwards in time to reveal 30 years of marriage, squabbles, children, laughter and tears.

©The Other Richard

This performance is nostalgic, sentimental and a good old laugh. The classic clichés of men, women and relationships are all too familiar, regardless of your age, and have the audience laughing out loud from the very beginning.

Ian Kelsey and Nicola Sloane put on a wonderful, ambitious and incredibly impressive performance, taking on a variety of accents and characters to transport you through time.

The set remains unchanged during the performance – a classic Blackpool bus stop sat on the promenade – yet the performers utilise props and the audience’s imagination to transport you from an untrustworthy 1950s car journey to the shimmering dancefloor of the Tower Ballroom.

©The Other Richard

September in the Rain is the perfect performance for getting back to the theatre, oozing with feel-good comedy that we have all been craving for so long.

Speaking to two theatre-goers, Rosemarie and Simon Tong said, “This is our first time back to the theatre and it is wonderful. It is really lovely to see so many people. All credit to the Playhouse for getting the show on the road”.

Helen Taylor, Development Director for Wiltshire Creative said, “We are so delighted to have opened our theatre once again. It was so lovely to see all our loyal audiences returning. I must say one huge thank you to all our staff, volunteers, freelancers and creatives who have worked tirelessly to get us back on stage. What a wonderful night!”

The show runs until Saturday 9th October before comedy, an Arthur Conan Doyle adventure, and a festive fairytale takes over.

To see the full autumn season programme click here. To book your tickets to September in the Rain click here.

Photography by ©The Other Richard.

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Written by Beth Doherty