15 June 2024

Next ‘hidden figure’ in community arts project revealed

The next instalment of the Salisbury ‘Hidden Figures’ community arts project has been revealed.

The project will bring to life nine life-sized figures of real living people who have been nominated by local people and organisations.

Hidden Figures aims to bring joy and creativity to the streets of Salisbury and is the brainchild of local artist Anthony Durman. When complete these sculptures will form a trail, placed in hidden, out of the way, unexpected and secure corners of the city.

The figures are created using a 3D printer purchased with the aid of a grant from the Salisbury Community Area Board. The project began by creating the figure of archaeologist Phil Harding that is currently on show in Salisbury Museum.

Phil Harding

“We have asked local people who we should celebrate in these figures,” says Anne Trevett of Safer and Supportive Salisbury which is hosting the project.

“We learnt a lot in producing the figure of Phil and are excited to have already scanned our next two figures. We are really pleased to be able to now share who they are.”

The next figure will be Tracy Daszkiewicz – the public health officer from Wiltshire Council who led the City’s response during the difficult days of the Novichok poisonings. While she did not hesitate from difficult decisions, she always kept the ability to understand the effects that those decisions were having on everyday life for the people involved.

“It is that mix of courage and humanity that makes her a hero to us,” says Anne.

“We see her as symbolic of our resilience in dealing with Novichok and are thrilled she has agreed to be our second figure.”

The third figure is Dolly Burnett who many will remember as the person chosen to carry the Olympic flame into Hudson’s Field in 2012.

Dolly will be known and loved by many families as an amazing foster carer and community volunteer supporting young people with special needs with clubs and imaginative activities. She currently runs ‘Our Club’ for South Wilts Mencap.

“We had a great morning at Studio 43, a state of the art digital facility just outside Stockbridge where the first stage of creating the figures took place.

“Our technology guru Thom Bridle scanned Tracy and Dolly with a handheld camera, transferring the image into data files. These will be worked on by Luke, a volunteer student at Bishop Wordsworth School before printing takes place, section by section, by volunteer technician Adrian Lucas.

“Finally, the pieces will be glued together and a home found for each figure around the City,” added Anne.

Written by
Beth Doherty
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Written by Beth Doherty