20 July 2024

New skatepark opens in Old Sarum

Last Wednesday (8th September), saw the official opening of a new skatepark at Old Sarum which has been designed for use by scooters, BMX riders, roller skaters and skateboarders.

The event was the culmination of years of work, from the initial idea of Lee
Jackson and the Old Sarum Skatepark group, to the construction and completion by Gravity Skateparks at the end of August.

Laverstock & Ford Parish Council would like to thank the many people whose contribution has made this project possible, including Wiltshire Council’s Southern Area Board, Persimmon Community Champions Fund and the staff from Old Sarum Co-Op.

Lee Jackson of the Old Sarum Skatepark Group said, “Thank you, everyone, for your hard work on the skatepark, it wouldn’t be there without your help! It’s amazing to see it and I’m so pleased to think it will bring enjoyment to many children for many years to come. It was an honour to be asked to officially open the park.”

Councillor Tom Maskell, who led the Parish Council’s project group, expressed his special thanks to Lee.

“His enthusiasm and commitment to this project has enabled the Parish Council to make the skatepark a reality. From what started as an idea four years ago by a committed team of volunteers, to seeing the skatepark being used today by so many young people is fantastic and that’s what this project was all about.

“I would like to thank everyone involved in making this happen. It was the culmination of Laverstock & Ford Parish Council Incorporating Milford, Bishopdown Farm, Old Sarum & Longhedge, and Laverstock & Ford Parish Council’s efforts and it was great to see all those who have put time and effort into the project come together“.

Written by
Beth Doherty
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Written by Beth Doherty