20 July 2024

New shop brings Japanese artform to Salisbury

Captive Worlds opened on Crane Street in Salisbury earlier this month opening the doors to the world of interior aquascapes, otherwise known as underwater gardening.

The shop invites customers to create a distinctive landscape of aquatics and plant life in your home or business.

Aquascaping is the art of underwater gardening – arranging aquatic plants and décor in an aesthetically pleasing manner within an aquarium. There are a number of distinct styles including the Dutch garden aquascape, the Japanese nature style, jungles, biotopes, and for the more adventurous – paludariums.

Speaking to the owner of Captive Worlds John Arnold said he was inspired to open the shop after discovering the work of Takashi Amano, one of the biggest names in the aquascaping industry.

“He had a different way of setting up a tank and the aesthetics of the rocks, the plants and the wood. After that I became obsessed with it, creating different types of aquariums and terrariums and it became too much to fit in my house so I thought I better open a shop,” explained John.

John is an Aquascape and Terrariums specialist who uses his love and passion to create beautiful scapes for fish and plants. Using the latest technology aquariums and terrariums have been given a new lease of life, bringing the best parts of nature into your home.

Captive Worlds stocks everything you need to create an aquarium, terrarium or aquaspace. You can purchase a terrarium that is already made up, or create one yourself. There is a range for all budgets varying from very expensive to very affordable.

“Creating something is just a beautiful thing. It is fulfilling, and it’s great for other people. A lot of people have asked for a workshop on building terrariums so in the near future I hope to host some workshops and have an evening of making terrariums together,” said John.

When asked how the new shop has been received by the local community, John said everyone has been lovely.

“I have had such a positive response from people who have come in the shop, and other independent shop owners are lovely. The community is great, everybody wants you to do well”.

You can find Captive Worlds on 83-85 Crane Street, Salisbury.

Written by
Beth Doherty
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Written by Beth Doherty