22 April 2024

New Salisbury business bin stores improve city centre

Wiltshire Council will begin installing 20 bin stores in Salisbury city centre during week commencing 17 July.

They are designed to help keep pedestrian areas clear of commercial bins, reduce smells in hotter weather and make the city more attractive for locals and visitors alike.

Businesses in Ox Row, Butcher Row and Fish Row can use the stores provided by the council to avoid stacking up unsightly bins on the streets.

The stores will be situated in New Canal and Queen Street, on the accesses to all three Rows.

Cllr Caroline Thomas, Cabinet Member for Street Scene, said: “It is businesses’ responsibility to ensure their bins are not left out on the highway, including pavements and walkways, as they are both unsightly and unwelcoming to locals and visitors alike.

“However, we recognise the challenges in those historic buildings where businesses have no access to private waste storage areas, be that on their own property or the previously available Market Place bin stores.

Storing bins on Salisbury’s narrow city streets is far from ideal, and so we’ve taken this pragmatic approach to help businesses in the area by providing 20 bin stores for them to use, rather than using our enforcement powers.

“We have liaised with businesses in the area to work together on any specific bin storage issues they may have, and to establish the frequency of their bin collections, and we hope this approach will resolve the issues. However, we may use our enforcement powers in the future, if required – although this would be a last resort, following further discussions with the business.

“Businesses in the area will still have to store waste such as cardboard on their own properties, but by providing this bin storage, we aim to create a better environment for residents, visitors and shoppers and, in turn, help to boost local businesses in the city.”

The businesses will be responsible for keeping their bin stores clean.

Feature Image: Google Streetview

Written by
Andy Munns
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Written by Andy Munns