20 June 2024

Meet the local women walking 100 miles this spring for Sarcoma UK

This spring Gemma Fay and Hollie Montague are taking part in Sarcoma UK’s Step into Spring walking challenge which sees participants walk 100 miles in 30 days.

But for Gemma and Hollie, this is no normal fundraiser. In the past few years, both Gemma and Hollie were diagnosed with cancer, more specifically, a form of Sarcoma.

Writing about their experiences on their Go Fund Me page, Gemma said, “Sarcomas are rare Cancers found mainly in children and young adults. We both had a lot of problems getting to our diagnosis and this is why we are so keen to share our story, raise some money and help others not go through what we have.”

Gemma and Hollie first met at an event for people with cancer in their 20s and 30s. They both have a Sarcoma in the same place and similar diagnosis stories.

“We met over this but then became amazing friends! And it feels like we really are in this together.”

Hollie Montague and Gemma Fay

Now, while going through their chemotherapy treatment together, the pair have decided to walk 100 miles each to help raise vital funds for Sarcoma UK.

“Sarcoma UK provides support for anybody with a Sarcoma. They also provide research grants to try and find better treatments. This is so vital, and we are both obviously always hoping and praying for something to seriously prolong our lives,” explained Gemma.

Hollie Montague and Gemma Fay

On Monday (25th April 2022), the girls hit their 100-mile target with a walk around The Vyne in Basingstoke.

“This is such a massive achievement for us. We cannot believe the amount raised already, and we are so close to our target now. There are only three days left to reach it, and we aren’t stopping.

“We will keep walking as much as we can, and get as many miles in as possible before the month is over.

Gemma Fay

“Being able to raise this money for Sarcoma UK has been the most incredible experience. We have loved getting out walking and pushing ourselves, particularly after chemo, visiting new and beautiful places and most importantly raising awareness about this rare Sarcoma Cancer,” said Gemma.

Already, the pair have raised £4,078 for Sarcoma UK and are hoping to reach their target of £5,000 by the end of April.

“Please donate if you can and share share share to raise awareness. Sarcomas are rare and often go undetected in young adults because research is seriously underfunded. We need a cure,” added Gemma.

If you would like to support Gemma and Hollie with their fundraising through a donation, click here.

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Beth Doherty
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Written by Beth Doherty