19 June 2024

London Road expected to be closed until tomorrow morning

Network Rail has provided an update on the progress of the recovery work after the Salisbury train crash.

Yesterday, (7th November 2021) Network Rail said that they were pleased to report that four of the five train carriages have been successfully pulled from the tunnel and taken away.

The final carriage is in position ready to be lifted, and repairs to the track’s infrastructure were expected to begin last night (7th November).

“To put the repairs into context, we’re expecting to replace 1,456 sleepers, three sets of points, the moveable rails which enable trains to change course, 1,010 yards of new track and 3km of cable for signalling and power supply,” said Network Rail Wessex.

“This means London Road will remain closed to pedestrians and vehicles until at least the morning of Tuesday 9 November, when we expect to reopen the road in both directions. We know how important reopening the road is to the community so we’re sorry for the continued disruption,” they added.

Written by
Beth Doherty
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Written by Beth Doherty