20 June 2024

Local authorities respond to Salisbury train crash

Local authorities have reacted to the news of last night’s train collision in Salisbury (31st October 2021). Here’s what they had to say.

The Councillors and Officers at Salisbury City Council said they were shocked and concerned to hear about the collision of two trains in Salisbury yesterday evening (31st October).

The City Council have offered their assistance to the emergency services and have those who were affected by the collision in their thoughts.

The Mayor of Salisbury, Cllr Caroline Corbin said, “I am truly sorry to hear about the train crash which occurred in our city last night. I am hugely relieved that there were no fatalities and wish those who were injured in the collision a speedy recovery. I would like to thank our fantastic emergency services for their response to the incident, and thank you also to all the members of our community who helped“.

Salisbury Rail Crash
PHOTO: Tracy Gould

Salisbury’s MP John Glen took to Twitter to extend his thoughts to those involved.

“Desperately concerned for the welfare of the many passengers and drivers involved in the two-train crash and derailment at Fisherton tunnel outside Salisbury. The trapped driver has now been released – thank you to all the emergency services for their coordinated efforts”.

He went on to Tweet:

“My thoughts are with everyone affected by last night’s train crash in Salisbury. Last night I spoke to the PCC Philip Wilkinson, Ben Ansell of the Fire Service and the Policing Minister Kit Malthouse. There are many questions to be answered about precisely what happened and I will be closely monitoring the outcome of the investigations.

“For now, I am grateful that everyone is safe and thankful for the brilliant response by the emergency services. Well done to everyone at St Mark’s who rallied round to tend to the injured and afraid”.

Philip Wilkinson, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire, visited the scene of the train crash this morning.

He said, “Last night’s crash will have been terrifying and extremely traumatic for all involved. It is extremely fortunate, and I am so relieved, that no fatalities occurred.

“My thoughts are very much with all those injured last night, and the train driver in particular who we now know has sadly suffered life-changing injuries.

“Last night, the images coming from the incident were horrifying but, in the cold light of day, you can see just how easily we could have a very different situation on our hands.

“As ever the actions of our emergency service workers have been exemplary and I would like to thank them all for their swiftness and the co-ordinated, joined-up, response which delivered all passengers to safety. I am proud to work alongside such professionalism in the face of such dark circumstances.

“Those injured are receiving excellent care in hospital and I hope others who have been part of such a terrifying and traumatic experience take up any offers of support or counselling they may need.

“Now attention will turn to the cause of the crash and we will all be paying close attention to any findings and monitoring the outcome“.

Salisbury’s residents were also praised for their selfless response to the incident with many offering their help to the passengers.

“Salisbury’s resilience and ability to offer help in times of crisis is to be commended. I am hearing stories of residents helping passengers, staffing the evacuation centre and bringing all sorts of blankets and coats to keep people warm.

“We also had people on hand to offer a helping hand and a kind ear to listen to people’s experiences as they came to terms with what had just happened. This is Salisbury and its community spirit at its best”.

Philip Wilkinson and Mayor Caroline Corbin

Wiltshire Council Leader, Richard Clewer, has offered his thoughts to those affected by the train derailment yesterday and paid tribute to how the local community quickly came together following the incident.

Cllr Clewer said, “My thoughts and those of everyone at Wiltshire Council are with those who were involved in the train derailment yesterday evening. I wish those who were injured a speedy recovery and am grateful that everyone involved is safe.

“Thank you to the emergency services on site who did a tremendous job ensuring the safety of those on board the trains. We know Salisbury residents will always come together and this incident has proven that once again. I’d like to thank the local community for their support and well done to those at St Mark’s for opening their doors and providing a safe space at such short notice.

“We continue to work with our partners following this incident to provide support where required”.

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Written by Beth Doherty