30 May 2024

Is this a joke? Salisbury Comedy Festival comes into question

People in Salisbury are raising concerns about the future of the Salisbury Comedy Festival.

Organised by Tiki Events LTD, the event was planned for Saturday 7th August 2021, but now its viability has come into question.

The event was rescheduled for after COVID-19 restrictions were lifted, with ticket website Skiddle now showing the event date as Sunday 31st July 2022 at Hudson’s Field.

Love Salisbury contacted Skiddle for information, they claim they are “currently in talks with the organisers”, and that “a statement will be issued in due course”.

Yesterday (14th March 2022), ticket holders expressed their concerns on social media after they discovered that the festival’s website and Facebook page had been taken down.

Andy Munns is a local ticket holder who expressed his concerns.

“My wife and I bought tickets for the Comedy Festival. We were informed that it had been rescheduled however became concerned when I could no longer find the website or the social media channels and started thinking that maybe this event isn’t going to happen.

“We have paid good money for our tickets and were looking forward to seeing some big-name comedians in Salisbury, I am now worried we won’t get our money back.”

Speaking to Salisbury City Council, they confirmed that there is no booking for a Salisbury Comedy Festival on Hudsons Field.

In an attempt to find some answers, Love Salisbury spoke to Andrew White, a local comedian who was booked to host the event.

He said, “Nathan Muirhead [director of Tiki Events LTD] asked me to host the Salisbury Comedy Festival and offered me a fee for the work.

“He doubled it with the 90s Origin Music Festival and he got big acts like Dara Ó Briain and Frankie Boyle lined up who were confirmed to perform.

“Then, it got pulled, which he didn’t tell me. Eventually, he told me that it was because of some kind of COVID insurance, and for whatever reason, he couldn’t do it on that date anymore.

“He postponed it to the year after and I put the new date in my diary. I was a bit bummed out to lose that work and that exciting lineup to gig with.

“I am chasing an update on the event not only for myself but for those who have lost out.

“My only consolation is that when I have used Skiddle before, they don’t pay out until after the event, but I don’t know if that is always the case. Hopefully, the funds are still somewhere in the system.”

Love Salisbury has tried to reach out to both Nathan Muirhead and Chantelle Strong, the two named directors of Tiki Events LTD. The contact numbers called are now invalid and a new business number went to answerphone. Neither have responded to messages via social media.

A source who claims to have been hired as a manager at Tiki Events LTD said, “I was approached to work alongside Nathan nearly two years ago now. There was a team of about eight of us and we were all managers but we were all hired on false promises and charm.

“We saw that he had a successful venue, that being The New Inn in Amesbury, and we were promised this great event.

“We then realised a really quick increase of business. Next thing we knew he was talking about opening a nightclub, and then a cocktail bar in Christchurch.

“A couple of members of staff, in particular, had several warning messages, one being from a member of his family, telling them to stay clear. Since he has made all staff redundant.

“People have saved up and they can’t afford to lose the money they have spent, they deserve answers,” they added.

Do you have any information about the Salisbury Comedy Festival? Have you purchased tickets?

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Written by
Beth Doherty
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Written by Beth Doherty