22 June 2024

Inside the Sarum Lights: Heaven and Earth exhibition at Salisbury Cathedral

Last night (9th November 2021) saw the opening of Sarum Lights: Heaven and Earth at Salisbury Cathedral, a sound and light show depicting the beauty and wonder of planet earth and the universe.

Created by artist Peter Walker and composer David Harper of Luxmuralis, visitors are invited to make their way around an astonishing series of abstract displays that transport them from sunrise to sunset, earth to space, ocean to land and beyond.

Inspired by a passage from Genesis, the 40-minute display takes as its starting point the moment when God invites Abraham to look up at the stars and reflect on his legacy. You are then transported through the journey of life, from the big bang to the foundations of DNA and the first heartbeat.

As you step inside the Cathedral you are transported into the wondrous world of wildlife, nature and the living planet.

Using sound and music to express the awe that Abraham must have felt looking up into the night sky, the Luxmuralis team capture the viewer’s imagination using different light and music spaces created on the West Front, in the Cloisters and in the Cathedral itself to remind us what an amazing world we live in.

Image by Tom Gregory.

Artistic Director of Luxmuralis, Peter Walker said, “The show reimagines life on our planet in a single 24-hour period and I hope that whilst immersed in the light and sound, people will also find the space to reflect on their own lives, human existence and the creation of the earth and our universe. I hope it also provokes some thoughts about the ecology and the beauty of the world around us, and our impact on it“.

Love Salisbury’s most recent partnership with Brunton Media, saw Carlton Brunton and Luke Smith catch a glimpse of the show on film for us, which you can watch here:

Sarum Lights: Heaven and Earth is showing at Salisbury Cathedral until Saturday 13th November. There are some tickets still remaining – click here to book.

Featured image by Beth Doherty.

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