20 July 2024

How to save some extra cash for Christmas

It is less than two months until the big day, and many of us will be feeling the pinch after a difficult year thanks to rising energy prices and food costs. Gemma Bird who is Money Mum Official is passionate about money saving whilst having just as good a time as those who are spending three or four times more than her.

New research out today reveals the real cost of saving for Christmas, with 57% saying that money pressures in the lead up to Christmas can impact their mood.

But, there could be a way we could look to make things a little easier on our purses and wallets this year.

59% of us say that we have between 1 and 4 takeaways in an average week – which can save time but will come at a considerably higher cost. But, often we are actually disappointed by our takeaways – with 51% saying it arrives cold, 43% saying it takes too long to deliver an 62% saying the taste isn’t right.

So it begs the question – why are we paying through the nose for takeaways when there are options in the supermarket which don’t compromise on quality or taste – but are considerably less expensive. As an example, Chicago Town pizzas have boat loads of squishy signature sauce, a loada cheesy goodness and yummy toppings, Chicago Town Takeaway Stuffed Crust pizzas don’t compromise.

And it isn’t cheap – the average takeaway is costing us £23 a pop with many paying an extra £2 on top for delivery.

If the average family is having 4 a week – that is £100.

The research, from frozen pizza company Chicago Town, is encouraging people to think ahead to save cash which can be put away for Christmas – helping to avoid some of that stress. It has created an online calculator so people can see what switching from takeaways might actually help them to save.

More money saving tips for the run up to the festive season from Gemma Bird who is Money Mum Official and Fabulous Magazine Columnist can be found on her Instagram moneymumofficial .

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