28 May 2024

Hidden Harnham community opportunity

This week, Salisbury City Council will begin seeking a new tenant for the Harnham Bunker. 

Originally a telephone exchange after World War II and most recently part of the Sound Emporium, a local youth community group.

The City Council wishes to see this building on Old Blandford Road being used by the community for the community, and are seeking exciting proposals from groups and organisations about how this can happen.

The council is looking for a community tenant who can use the building to the best effect for the benefit of Salisbury residents.

The Council are looking for a proposal that will:
• Be inclusive – encouraging and supporting access for all
• Be sustainable – with a sound financial plan for long term operation
• Have a focus on youth provision
• Increase the vibrancy of Salisbury
• Improve community skills and resilience
• Build community spirit
• Bring groups together across the city to work together

If you are interested in this long-term community-led opportunity, SCC say they will release further information later this week, with an application form available from Wednesday 9 June.

The Harnham Bunker is a former post war underground military telephone exchange located in a small area of woodland at the junction of Old Blandford Road and Grasmere Close at Harnham.

The bunker replaced the former control centre for the then District Council in the basement of ‘The Council House’ at Bourne Hill in 1963.

Written by
David Harber
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Written by David Harber