28 May 2024

Food support projects across Salisbury say thank you for the Big Easter Appeal

In the build-up to Easter, Salisbury Radio, supported by Salisbury Journal, launched a new donation appeal to help local food support projects make sure that those in need didn’t go without food this Easter. 

In support of the local independent charity Salisbury Foodbank, the City Council-run Salisbury Pantry, and the community-led Longhedge and Old Sarum Pantry, the people of Salisbury made a statement of support for those facing food insecurity.

Andy Munns from Salisbury Radio was delighted with the response “We collected around 500kg in the Tesco donations, around 200kg at the football club and a further 500kg on the final collection from schools and businesses.” 

The organisations that benefited from this appeal want to thank everyone involved, from local businesses and schools to Salisbury FC, Tesco’s Extra, and every individual donor.

Lastly, a huge thanks to Ozweld International for collecting all the donations at no cost.  

Salisbury Medical Practice staff with their donations (Image: Salisbury Radio)

Maria Stevenson, Manager of the Salisbury Foodbank, said, “The Salisbury Radio Easter appeal has brought more to us than just food. It’s forged connections. By the power of radio, struggling people with nowhere turn heard about us, and the pantry projects.  They learnt they didn’t need to struggle, they didn’t need to go hungry anymore.  The Easter appeal took some pressure off us as a charity in the short term.  We need to find ways to maintain that momentum.  The number of people accessing Salisbury Foodbank is at an all-time high, food donations do not match demand.”  

Abi Blake, Manager of Salisbury Pantry, part of the community development team at the City Council, added, “This support has kept shelves of Salisbury Pantry full this April, while we have been supporting around 400 households. Our core values at the Pantry are Dignity, Hope and Choice. These donations gave our members the opportunity to pick up the things that most meet the specific needs of their families and also brought a real sense of hope, leaving the members feeling supported by their community rather than on the edges of it.”  

The donations were sorted at TEN in Salisbury (Image: Salisbury Radio)

At the newest of our area’s food projects, Old Sarum and Longhedge Pantry, Gemma Phillips and her team of volunteers wanted to say, “What a wonderful appeal. It’s so humbling to see the people of Salisbury coming together to help others when things are so tough for us all. It was also really good to raise awareness that we are here to help.” 

Leaders of Salisbury City Council, who continue to be aware of the need for food support and financial inclusion work in our city, wish to thank the organisers on behalf of all the people who were able to put meals on the table because of this appeal.  Annie Riddle of the Council Leadership Group said, “Our City has learned how to come together in a crisis and this appeal is a wonderful example of how business, media, local charities and the city council can work together to make Salisbury a better place. Long may such collaborations continue.”  

Anyone in need of food in our area can contact these food projects: 

Salisbury Foodbank – info@salisburyfoodbank.org.uk – 01722 580173 https://salisbury.foodbank.org.uk/   

Salisbury Pantry – salisburypantry@salisburycitycouncil.org.uk – 01722 417100 https://salisburycitycouncil.gov.uk/our-community/salisbury-pantry/  

Old Sarum and Longhedge Pantry – oslpantry@gmail.com – 01722 335 349 https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100093811466997  

Written by
Andy Munns
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Written by Andy Munns