22 April 2024

Fisherton Street one-way system now in place

The one-way system on Fisherton Street was implemented yesterday (Sunday, 6th August), affecting traffic leaving town, including busses.

The one-way system will only allow traffic to travel towards the city centre and is expected to be in place for around twelve months during the Fisherton Gateway works.

The improvement works include widening pavements, introducing new street lighting, enhancing landscaping, improving street furniture and wayfinding, and introducing continuous footpaths at junctions to enhance pedestrian priority.

This one-way system enables work to continue safely and will be in place for the duration of the works, which are anticipated to be completed summer of 2024.

Residents have been concerned that Fisherton Street will remain one-way after the works have finished, but Wiltshire Council says this is not the case. Wiltshire Councillor Dr Mark McClelland has responded to some on social media, assuring that this isn’t the plan.

Busses that usually run down Fisherton Street on the way out of the city will no longer do so.

During the works, the following stops will not be served by buses leaving the city:

  • Fisherton Street Clock Tower
  • Water Lane
  • St Paul’s Church

The below services will leave New Canal stops and run non-stop to either Wilton Road or Devizes Road to continue their normal route.

  • Red1 to Bemerton Heath
  • Red8 to Ditchampton
  • Red10 to St Peters Place
  • PR3 to Wilton
  • 2 to Devizes
  • Rural services 25/26/26A/27

The Stonehenge Tour is unaffected for buses leaving the city heading to Stonehenge.

Traffic leaving Central Car Park via Summerlock Approach will only be able to turn left into the city.

Access to Culver Street Car Park and the Old George Mall car park will be un-restricted and offer good central parking options.

With several development projects ongoing at the same time – Wiltshire Council have produced a single page on their website to keep up with what is going on: https://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/investing-in-salisbury

Written by
Andy Munns
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Written by Andy Munns