15 June 2024

Fire Walkers ready for charity challenge

Taking a stroll over coals of more than 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit might not be everyone’s idea of a great night out.

However, on the evening of Friday 11th June city centre visitors will see lots of ‘daredevils’ take on this challenge to hekp raise funds for Salisbury Hospice Charity.

The event is the local charity’s first ever ‘Fire Walk’, which will take place in front of the stunning backdrop of Salisbury Guildhall. 

Salisbury Radio will be broadcasting live as afternoon host Matt Rogers removes his socks and shoes and braves the burning coals.

Fearless fundraisers will complete in the challenge of walking 15ft over hot coals at 550 degrees Celsius (over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit).  Organisers say, “It may sound tough but it’s perfectly safe.

“Some people say they feel the heat through their soles, others say it’s freezing cold – have a go for yourself and see which one you feel. Whichever one it is, it certainly won’t be a feeling you’ll forget.”

If you are attending on the day participants will receive full training an hour before the Fire Walk. During that time they will be motivated and build the confidence needed to complete the challenge.

Then, to the beat of a drum, they will take up the 15ft challenge.

Find out more here from Salisbury Hospice Charity’s website.

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