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Father’s Day Sunday 20th June 2021 – How will you celebrate?

Written by Ella Palmer

Father’s Day was first celebrated in 1910, originally a USA concept is now widely celebrated across the world. This Sunday 20th June 2021 the UK will celebrate by recognising the contribution that fathers, father figures, Grandads, Step-Dad’s make in the lives of their children.

Across the world Father’s day traditions differs;

In Thailand, Father’s Day is celebrated on the birthday of the hugely admired late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, on 5 December, who is considered the Father of the Nation. Initially, people wore yellow and presented their dads with a canna flower which is considered to be a sacred masculine flower.

In Mexico, Father’s Day or Día del Padre is also celebrated on the third Sunday in June.

These’s always a party in Mexico and Father’s Day is no exception, every year in Mexico City there’s a 13 mile race called Carrera Día del Padre or Father’s Day race. Children can also take part and run alongside their dads. What a fun family activity.

In Finland, Father’s Day involves breakfast in bed, cake and coffee, and falls on the second Sunday in November. It is now considered such an important day that the Finnish flag must be flown on official buildings. This was seen as an important recognition for dads’ roles as caregivers. Traditionally, fathers receive homemade rather than store-bought gifts. 

In Germany instead of spending time with their children fathers or väter often go off in groups for hiking trips, sometimes pulling wagons full of drink and food.

In Nepal children often give sweets as presents. Sons and daughters sometimes receive blessings from their fathers. Daughters will put their foreheads up to their father’s hands while sons put their foreheads on their father’s feet in an expression of gratitude. Those whose fathers have died, go to a pilgrimage site and perform shraddha, the holy ritual in remembrance.

In France, Fête des Pères was traditionally a Catholic celebration, but it was reinvented for commercial reasons in the 1900s.

Now all sorts of gifts are given on the day including roses.

In France it is traditional to give red roses to your father if he is alive, but if your father has died white roses are laid on their grave.

In Australia, Fathers day is in September to coincide with spring. It, like many other countries is a day of gratitude for father figures, gifts are given and love is expressed.

A father is… By Daniel Hooks

A father is a man who protects and nurtures his child.

Let’s them play wild but keeps discipline when needed.

He might have hair that’s slightly receded from stress, but will always try his best to do things in the home he won’t ever let his children or their mother face things alone.

He is always there like a background hero. A father never gives up or in, no matter how bad or thin his temper gets.

He might be cursing under his breath but he’s always there like a constant rock His socks might smell but if you mess with his family he’ll give you hell.

A father is the man you respect the most in your life, for overcoming his own obstacles and strife, to bring you up, to have your own life.

Love is his strength, strength throughout it all A father will never let you down, he will make you feel tall, and when your back is against the wall and support you before you fall or stagger

He will be there for you even when he’s old and haggard Grandad will be his new title but to you he will always be Father.

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