22 April 2024

Family of triplets cared for on Neonatal Unit at Salisbury Hospital join Stars Appeal’s Walk for Wards

A family whose triplets spent five weeks on the Neonatal Unit at Salisbury Hospital are taking part in the Stars Appeal’s Walk for Wards to say thank you for the care and support they received.

Chantelle Sims, 24, and her husband Mason, 25, will be doing the sponsored walk at Wilton House on Sunday, July 7th, with their children Jenson, six, Reggie, three, and six-month-old triplets Brody, Albie and Archie.

The Stars Appeal, Salisbury Hospital’s Charity, provides a range of enhancements on the Neonatal Unit, including parents’ accommodation, state-of-the-art equipment such as incubators and monitors, free Wi-Fi, chaplaincy services and soothing music played by live musicians. 

Brody, Albie and Archie

Chantelle, who gave birth to her triplets in August 2023 at 30 weeks, said: “The Stars Appeal supported us in so many ways whilst the triplets were in the Neonatal Unit. The accommodation I stayed in whilst they were in hospital meant I could be closer to them and helped me to get ready for taking them home.

The free Wi-Fi enabled us to FaceTime family and friends, and the Stars Appeal playroom gave our older children space to go and play when they needed a break. The charity also funded some of the vital equipment that helped to keep our boys alive and here with us today.”

The family also benefited from the support of the chaplains and other projects funded by the charity like the Stars Appeal Live musicians playing lullabies and the Stars Appeal Aromatherapist, who offers parents hand and foot massages, which Chantelle says “brightens up the day”.

Triplets Brody, Albie and Archie when they were in the Neonatal Uni

“It’s important to have this kind of support available when you’ve just been through what feels like some of the worst times possible in life. It also allows you to be more focused on your babies and have fewer things to worry about,” adds the mum-of-five.

The family, who are doing well at home in Larkhill, will be raising money for the Neonatal Unit and say the staff who cared for them are “real life angels”. Chantelle said: “The Neonatal Unit is hugely close to our hearts, and we are extremely grateful for everything they have done for the triplets and our family.”

Chantelle and Mason Sims with the triplets on their final day on the Neonatal Unit at Salisbury Hospital

It is free to register for Walk for Wards and walkers need to commit to raising £20 per person. Participants can choose from a 3k, 5k or 10k route. Sign up at www.starsappeal.org/event/walk-for-wards

To sponsor the Sims family visit www.justgiving.com/fundraising/TheSimsTriplets

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Andy Munns
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Written by Andy Munns