22 April 2024

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: John Glen talks about young people, the environment and national debt

I sat down with Salisbury’s MP John Glen for an exclusive interview, mostly focusing on young people.

We began by clarifying what his role in the cabinet involved and then expanded on his use of public expenditure with young people. He said, “there is lots of ways young people receive budgets from different departments,” generally, they provide mental health support, are committed to climate change and build the school curriculum.

When asked about extinction rebellion, he says he “welcomes a lively debate”, but says, “when I think about extinction rebellion, I think lets have an informed debate but lets not disrupt the lives of people who have to live and operate”. He instead recommended having a debate with your local MP and sharing your opinions with more of a focus on “[reaching] goals”.

Watch the video for the full interview below:

Mr Glen mentioned how it is crucial for him to understand “the range of views”, and his job is to try and represent around 70,000 adults in parliament and that he just “tries to do his best”.

When asked if he believes Rishi Sunak can provide for future generations, he said, “absolutely I do” and that he thinks Sunak has “set out a clear agenda of what he wants to achieve”.

Rishi Sunak expressed that younger generations should not be burdened with debt. When Mr Glen was asked about what active change was happening to ensure this, he admitted that debt has seen a massive decrease but mentioned plans in place to help combat it in the future.

John Glen and Niamh Cunningham
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Niamh Cunningham
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Written by Niamh Cunningham