28 May 2024

Doorstep Snaps returns for festive fundraising

Doorstep Snaps, a charitable project by local photographer Simon Ward, will return this December to raise funds for the Stars Appeal and Julia’s House.

Back by popular demand, the project came about in May last year when Simon’s friend heard about a London photographer who set up a doorstep photo challenge.

“My friend said, ‘why don’t you give that a go down here’. I was working at Tesco at the time and hadn’t used my camera in about two months, so I thought let’s see if we can raise a few quid for Stars Appeal and Julia’s House,” explained Simon.

Part one of the charitable project began in the first lockdown from May-July 2020.

“I said if we ever go into another lockdown then I would bring it back, and that coincided with the second lockdown which started in November last year. Given the time of year, I thought I would use it as a way to get Christmas decorations and Christmas jumpers involved.”

To finish part two, Simon took a special photograph of a couple on their wedding day.

“It was on the 29th January and it was both of their 50th birthdays. They donated £100 for that photo which nicely finished off part two.

“I had no plans to bring it back and then I had five/six people contact me recently requesting to bring Doorstep Snaps back and I thought if people are asking then why not!”

This year Doorstep Snaps will run from the 1st-23rd December 2021.

“This time around we don’t have those restrictions so I am quite happy to travel a little bit further if it means there’s a donation to Julia’s House, the Stars Appeal or both,” said Simon.

To book your Doorstep Snap, head to Simon Ward’s website, click the link to the Just Giving page for the Stars Appeal, Julia’s House or both, and then email Simon with the details of your donation (how much and to who), and he will arrange a time for your doorstep photoshoot.

“People were being very creative during the festive season last year. We had Christmas jumpers, lights, decorations, cats, dogs, and even a few chickens! People can be as extroverted or as introverted as they want, the main thing is that they are raising money for those two charities”.

Parts one and two raised £4,600 for the local charities.

“Last year lots of businesses took part. I wanted to try and thank the essential retailers that were open last year so we photographed Pritchett’s Butchers, Salisbury Reds, Tesco, and we photographed Harry Redknapp and his wife because they are Julia’s House patrons.

“We were trying to give as much profile to it as possible, and we would love to do that again this year. The more businesses and community groups that get involved, and share and like and tweet and all that stuff the more money we will raise.”

If you would like to take part in Doorstep Snaps click here.

If you are a business that would like to get involved for a donation or to help raise the profile of the project, email Simon Ward at studio@simonwardphotography.com

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Beth Doherty
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Written by Beth Doherty