20 June 2024

Discover local history on the Salisbury Story Trail

A new Salisbury Story Trail is ready for visitors. Hunt down nine letters to learn about the history of Salisbury and the story behind the city’s new marque.

By following the trail, residents and visitors will find nine different letters that form the marque and spell out SALISBURY. They are spread out at locations across the city and at each stop-off, there is more information about the fascinating story behind the letters.

The Salisbury Story Trail is an exciting new trail created by city organisations including Salisbury City Council, Salisbury BID and Experience Salisbury.

Cllr Caroline Corbin, Mayor of Salisbury said: “Salisbury is a beautiful heritage city with an eye on the future. We are proud of our history but we also realise we need to look forward in order to create a thriving city. The new Salisbury marque is part of a vision that will help build a new story for Salisbury, one that showcases it as a modern medieval city.

“We really want local residents and visitors to understand how and why the marque has been created and the Salisbury Story Trail aims to do that, in a fun way for all the family!”

The Salisbury marque was co-created by talented young designers from Wiltshire College and inspired by the stonemasons that chiselled and crafted the stones at Salisbury Cathedral 800 years ago.

Local artists and organisations have now taken those original elements and added their own design twist for the trail, based on a different part of Salisbury’s history.

For example, local artist Charlotte Moreton based her design for the letter ‘U’ on Salisbury’s coat of arms. The letter ‘L’ was designed by graffiti artist Paul Boswell who was inspired by the ancient carved faces at Old Sarum. The interpretation of the letter ‘R’ was influenced by the story of Salisbury’s Secret Spitfires. It is a wooden replica of the spitfire roundel, painted in the colours of the Royal Air Force.

Download a trail map here or pick one up from Salisbury Information Centre on Fish Row.

The trail booklet also contains a Salisbury quiz which the whole family can get involved with. Complete all the answers to go into a draw to win a £100 Salisbury Gift Card to use in businesses across the city centre.

Robin McGowan, Salisbury BID Chief Executive said: “Salisbury is that rare mix of old and new. It sets us apart from the crowd. The artists and organisations involved in the Salisbury Story Trail have really embraced that. They highlight the amazing history we have here, a history that some people don’t even ​know about!

The trail and marque help us to unearth the past and look to the future. A future that brings prosperity to the city centre.”

Written by
Beth Doherty
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Written by Beth Doherty